The Law Offices of Keith Chasin

About Us

Your case will be managed by Keith Chasin and his staff.   We will gather evidence in involving the liability issues as one of the first things we do, and also obtain your medical records to substantiate your injury.  If required, we will confer with your doctors to understand the extent of your injury and counsel you as you deal with the sudden changes in your life which an injury can cause.    

Your case will take on various phases, the first of which is the acute injury and dealing with the acceptance of how your life has changed.  Keith Chasin will help you with managing the early stages of the injury and will document your level of improvement.  You will communicate with our office and let us know what your doctor has advised you to do, what tests you need, and whether surgery is recommended.  Keith Chasin will monitor your case and inform the adverse party, normally its insurance carrier, of the severity of your injury.